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Bramhall Golf Club is an 18 hole parkland course located in the village of Bramhall south of Manchester.

The greens are all made to USGA standards and are regarded as some of the finest in Cheshire.

The course benefits from a continual programme of improvements into both the aesthetic aspects of the course and also the structure to bring both members and visitors the best possible playing environment.

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1st Hole

JMW SolicitorsBramhall Golf Course - 1st Hole 1st hole detailApproach to the 1st hole - Bramhall Golf Club

A tough opening hole which requires a well positioned tee-shot.

You can drive to the left or right side of the fairway to avoid being blocked out by the trees which protect the centre approach.

You will need an accurate mid to short iron to hit the undulating green where two putts will leave you with a solid start to your round.

PRO TIP: The centre of the green is the sensible target on this tricky opening hole.

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2nd Hole

Imagine FM2nd hole detailBramhall Golf Course - 2nd Holegallery 009

A short par four giving long-hitters the opportunity to take on the green.

Bunkers protect the front edge of the green but a sensible approach to the generous green provides an opportunity to repair any damage that the 1st hole left on your card.

A good tee shot will normally leave a straightforward par but the pin position can make the hole a little more difficult than it appears.

PRO TIP: The green slopes from right to left and an uphill putt will make things easier on this hole.

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3rd Hole

Thermotech Solutions3rd hole detailBramhall Golf Course - 3rd Hole3rd hole Bramhall Golf Club

A par three with the green protected by greenside bunkers on both sides with a cross bunker short of the green.

The wind direction is critical in deciding upon club selection but a solid mid-iron should find the fairly generous size green.

The green slopes from back to front so the easier putt is when you are short of the hole.

PRO TIP: Take a club more than you think and aim for the centre of the green.

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4th Hole

Cottage Dental Practice4th hole detailBramhall Golf Course - 4th Hole4th hole Bramhall Golf Club

A great par 4 hole that brings you back to the clubhouse.

A fairly straightforward drive will leave an approach to the green which is protected by a pond to the front and right side. A brook running behind the green and the left side bunker means any approach that misses the green will usually be in trouble.

The green slopes from back to front so the easier putt is when you are short of the hole.

PRO TIP: A drive to the left side of the fairway will leave a clear approach to the green regardless of the pin position.

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5th Hole

SK Magazinescard-fiveBramhall Golf Course - 5th Hole5th hole Bramhall Golf Club

A long and challenging par 4. Stroke index 1 indicates that this is the most difficult hole on the course.

A long straight drive is required to stay on the fairway which will normally leave a long iron or fairway wood approach to the green.

The green slopes from back to front and has some tricky undulations meaning that the pin placements can easily increase your putting average.

PRO TIP: Most players will receive an additional stroke on this hole and it is probably worth using it to keep your ball on the short stuff.

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6th Hole

Thomson Brothers Insurance6th hole detailBramhall Golf Course - 6th Hole6th hole Bramhall Golf Club

This is a challenging par 3 with the green protected by greenside bunkers and a water hazard to the left.

It requires a very accurate tee-shot to reach the green from the tee.

The green is one of the most undulating on the course so even when you reach the green there is still some work to do.

PRO TIP: Higher handicappers are best advised to lay up just short of the green and try for a chip and a putt as the best odds for a par on this tricky hole.

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7th Hole

Cardinal Maritime7th hole detailBramhall Golf Course - 7th Hole7th hole Bramhall Golf Club

The first par 5 is a right hand dogleg.

Keeping your tee-shot in play is critical as the remainder of getting to the green should be fairly straightforward if you can negotiate the cross bunkers.

Pin position can make this a challenge to finish with par but the centre of right side of the green will normally leave an uphill putt to finish.

PRO TIP: A drive to the left side of the fairway will leave a clear approach to the green regardless of the pin position.

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8th Hole

Towergate Insurance8th hole detailBramhall Golf Course - 8th Hole8th hole Bramhall Golf Club

A dogleg 4 hole which requires a good tee shot to enable reaching the green in two shots.

If you can keep clear of the Oak Tree on the elbow of the dogleg then you will have sight of the green with your second shot. If the pin is positioned on the left then you will have a clear shot to the green, however anything to the right side of the green is well protected by the Oak and you will have to think through your approach carefully.

PRO TIP: A drive to the left side of the fairway will leave the best chance of a clear approach to the green. But take consideration of the wind as big-hitters can end up in trouble off the tee.

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9th Hole

Moss and Williamson9th hole detailBramhall Golf Course - 9th Hole9th hole Bramhall Golf Club

A tough and long par 4 hole with a water hazard short of the green brings your front nine to a close.

A wide open fairway provides a false sense of security as without a good straight tee-shot you will have problems reaching the green in two. The hole can often wreck a decent front nine score so be wary.

PRO TIP:You need to get a good straight drive away to stand a chance of par. Laying up short of the pond and taking your chance of a one-putt may be your best option.

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10th Hole

Minster Cleaning10th hole detailBramhall Golf Course - 10th Hole10th hole Bramhall Golf Club

A slight dog-leg to start your back nine.

Anything from the tee should avoid being blocked out by the Oak on the right or worse getting caught in the pond on the right.

If you have sight of the green with your second then bear in mind that most approach shots will sweep to the left once they get to the deceptively sloping green.

PRO TIP:Target right of the pin on your approach to hit the green. The ball will roll down to the left side leaving you with an uphill putt.


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11th Hole

Woodhall Properties11th hole detailBramhall Golf Course - 11th Hole11th hole Bramhall Golf Club

The second hardest hole on the course by index.

A slight dogleg to the left will need a decent tee-shot to leave a long approach to a relatively small target.

There is trouble left and right with bunkers protecting each side so staying down the middle is the obvious choice

PRO TIP: Two decent shots from the tee should give you a fair chance of par so make sure you keep it down the middle with your drive.

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12th Hole

The Bubble Room Bar and Restaurant12th hole detailBramhall Golf Course - 12th Hole12th hole Bramhall Golf Club

A short par three but the green is well protected by bunkers left and right. A sheltered tee-shot can leave you at the mercy of the prevailing wind. The green is generous and any tee-shot reaching the green will leave a simple par.

PRO TIP: Hit the middle of the green and trust your putting to leave with a par.

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13th Hole

Snapes Estate Agents13th hole detailBramhall Golf Course - 13th Hole13th hole Bramhall Golf Club

Out of bounds down the right side means you will always aim down the left side from the tee.

The second shot is through a narrow gap protected by trees on the left and out of bounds on the right so keep it in the middle to be safe

PRO TIP: What should be a simple par 5 can often turn into problem hole as anything other than straight shots can leave you in trouble.

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14th Hole

HVB Flooring14th hole detailBramhall Golf Course - 14th Hole14th hole Bramhall Golf Club

This par 3 should be the easiest hole on the course if you go by stroke index.

As with most short holes hitting the green will leave you with the best chance of par, but the pin position can leave some tricky putts. The green slopes from back to front.

PRO TIP: Take the wind into account and try and leave yourself a little short of the pin for an uphill putt.

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15th Hole

Magnet Kitchens15th hole detailBramhall Golf Course - 15th Holetee b

A short par 4 protected by a central bunker on the approach.

The central bunker will only catch the longest hitters so anything central between the fairway bunkers leaves a good approach to the green.

PRO TIP: There is no need to take risks here. Play within yourself and you should come away with a good score for the hole.

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16th Hole

Peter Robinson Solicitors16th hole detailBramhall Golf Course - 16th Hole16th hole Bramhall Golf Club

A straight hole off the tee with a downward slope on the fairway.

The tee leaves the impression of a generous target but the fairway is often cut narrow meaning that your approach can be a little tricky if you have failed to find the fairway.

PRO TIP: The green slope is quite deceptive from right to left so your putting can often let you down on the hole.

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17th Hole

MW Insulation17th hole detailBramhall Golf Course - 17th Hole17th hole Bramhall Golf Club

This par 4 always gives you a chance of par or better but anything wayward either from the tee or the approach leaves you in trouble.

What appears to be a generous green can often be deceptive leaving you with a challenge to keep a bogey off your card.

PRO TIP: Don't think it's over if you hit the green in two. This is a tricky green that, depending on the pin position, can leave you thankful for a two-putt finish.

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18th Hole

#18th hole detailBramhall Golf Course - 18th Hole18th

A straight par 4 protected by cross-bunkers that will only trouble the longest hitters off the tee.

The downhill approach to the severely sloping (back to front) green will normally leave a challenge to finish with a par. The green has some serious undulation and slopes that makes a tough finish to keep your card in shape

PRO TIP: Getting to the green should be routine, but if you have taken note of the pin position earlier in your round it will leave you in better shape for a strong finish.

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