• Bramhall Golf Club Mens Fixtures

    Mens Fixtures 2020 - Revised

    Mens Fixtures 2020 DOWNLOAD PDF of Revised Fixtures 2020

    Mens C19 Fixtures

    Mens Fixtures 2020

    Mens Fixtures 2020


    04-Jan-20     Sat        Men's 4BBB Stableford

    11-Jan-20     Sat        Men's Team of 4

    18-Jan-20     Sat        Men's American Greensome - (change from diary)

    25-Jan-20     Sat        Men's Team of 4

    01-Feb-20     Sat        Men's American Greensome

    08-Feb-20     Sat        Captain's Welcome 4BBB Stableford

    09-Feb-20     Sun       Captain's Drive in 

    15-Feb-20     Sat        Men's 4BBB Stableford

    22-Feb-20     Sat        Men's Individual Stableford

    29-Feb-20     Sat        Men's Comp

    07-Mar-20     Sat        Men's Individual Stableford

    14-Mar-20     Sat        Men's 4BBB Stableford

    21-Mar-20     Sat        Men's Individual Stableford

    28-Mar-20     Sat        Men's Medal GMQ3

    02-Apr-20      Thu       Men's 9 hole non Qualifier

    04-Apr-20      Sat        Men's Opening of Season 4BBB Stableford

    09-Apr-20      Thu       Men's 9 hole Qualifier

    11-Apr-20      Sat        Men's Comp

    16-Apr-20      Thu       Men's 9 hole Qualifier

    18-Apr-20      Sat        Men's 4BBB Stableford

    23-Apr-20      Thu       Men's 9 hole Qualifier

    25-Apr-20      Sat        Men's Medal GMQ4

    30-Apr-20      Thu       Men's 9 hole Qualifier

    02-May-20    Sat        Men's Exchange with Stockport

    07-May-20    Thu       Men's Thursday Stableford

    09-May-20    Sat        Men's Medal GMQ5

    14-May-20    Thu       Men's Thursday Stableford

    16-May-20    Sat        Men's Invitation Day

    23-May-20    Sat        Men's Veterans Cup Medal GMQ6

    28-May-20    Thu       Men's Thursday Stableford

    30-May-20    Sat        Men's Individual Stableford

    02-Jun-20     Tue       Seniors Open

    04-Jun-20     Thu       Men's Thursday Stableford

    05-Jun-20     Fri         Snake Competition

    06-Jun-20     Sat        CAPTAIN'S WEEKEND (GMQ7)

    07-Jun-20     Sun       CAPTAIN'S WEEKEND

    11-Jun-20     Thu       Men's Thursday Stableford

    13-Jun-20     Sat        Professionals Day for Men

    18-Jun-20     Thu       Men's 9 hole Stableford

    20-Jun-20     Sat        Men's Team of 4 Exchange with Bramall Park

    25-Jun-20     Thu       Men's Thursday Stableford

    27-Jun-20     Sat        Captains Weekend  - RESERVE

    27-Jun-20     Sat        Men's Centenary Medal GMQ8

    28-Jun-20     Sun       Captains Weekend  - RESERVE

    02-Jul-20       Thu       Men's Thursday Stableford

    04-Jul-20       Sat        Men's Individual Stableford

    09-Jul-20       Thu       Men's Thursday Stableford

    11-Jul-20       Sat        Men's Medal GMQ9

    16-Jul-20       Thu       Men's 9 hole Stableford

    18-Jul-20       Sat        Men's Pairs Championship

    23-Jul-20       Thu       Men's Stableford

    25-Jul-20       Sat        PRESIDENT'S WEEKEND

    26-Jul-20       Sun       PRESIDENT'S WEEKEND

    30-Jul-20       Thu       Men's Stableford

    01-Aug-20     Sat        Ladies Bowl GMQ10

    06-Aug-20     Thu       Men's 9 hole Qualifier

    08-Aug-20     Sat        Men's Kirby Scratch (GMQ11)

    11-Aug-20     Tue       Seniors Open

    12-Aug-20     Wed      GREENS RENOVATION - 2 WEEKS

    15-Aug-20     Sat        Men's Team of 4  

    22-Aug-20     Sat        Men's 4BBB Stableford

    29-Aug-20     Sat        Men's Individual Stableford

    05-Sep-20     Sat        President's Weekend - RESERVE

    05-Sep-20     Sat        Men's Individual Stableford

    06-Sep-20     Sun       President's Weekend - RESERVE

    10-Sep-20     Thu       Men's 9 hole Qualifier

    12-Sep-20     Sat        Men's Rowbotham Cup GMQ12

    17-Sep-20     Thu       Men's 9 hole Qualifier

    19-Sep-20     Sat        Men's Gold Medal Final/Individual Medal (GMQ1)

    20-Sep-20     Sun       Captain's Charity AM AM

    24-Sep-20     Thu       Men's 9 hole Qualifier

    26-Sep-20     Sat        Men's comp

    27-Sep-20     Sun       Knockout Finals Day

    01-Oct-20      Thu       Men's 9 hole Qualifier

    03-Oct-20      Sat        Men's Medal GMQ2

    10-Oct-20      Sat        Men's Medal GMQ3

    17-Oct-20      Sat        Men's Individual Stableford

    24-Oct-20      Sat        Men's Close of Season 4BBB Stableford

    31-Oct-20      Sat        Men's 4BBB Stableford - Turkey

    07-Nov-20     Sat        Men's Team of 4 - Turkey

    14-Nov-20     Sat        Men's Texas Scramble - Turkey

    21-Nov-20     Sat        Men's Team of 4 - Turkey

    28-Nov-20     Sat        Men's 4BBB Stableford - Turkey

    05-Dec-20     Sat        Men's Americal Greensome, 9 Club - Wine

    12-Dec-20     Sat        Men's Team of 4, 9 Club - Wine

    19-Dec-20     Sat        Men's American Greensome, 9 Club - Wine

    26-Dec-20     Sat        Men's Boxing Day Comp - All Prize Day

    02-Jan-21     Sat        Men's 4BBB Stableford, 9 Club

    09-Jan-21     Sat        Men's Team of 4, 9 Club

    16-Jan-21     Sat        Men's Texas Scramble  

    23-Jan-21     Sat        Men's Team of 4

    30-Jan-21     Sat        Men's American Greensome Stableford

    06-Feb-21     Sat        Captain's Welcome 4BBB Stableford

    07-Feb-21     Sun       Captain's Drive In

    13-Feb-21     Sat        Men's 4BBBStableford

    20-Feb-21     Sat        Men's Individual Stableford

    20-Feb-21     Sat        Men's Individual Stableford

    The following events will also be arranged:
    Victory Cup (Singles Knockout), Quaich (4BBB Knockout), Scratch KO,
    Mixed Foursomes Knockout, Scratch and Friendly Team Matches, Winter League

    Full particulars of these events will be posted on the Notice Boards and website

    Gold Medal Qualifying (GMQ) rounds - division winners and ties to qualify for Final



  • Bramhall Golf Club Ladies Fixtures

    Ladies Fixtures 2020 - Revised

    Ladies Fixtures 2020 DOWNLOAD PDF of Revised Fixtures 2020

    Ladies C19 Fixtures

    Ladies Fixtures 2020 DOWNLOAD PDF of Original Fixtures 2020

    09-Jan-20         Thu     Ladies Winter League - 1

    12-Jan-20         Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    14-Jan-20         Tue     Lady Captains Roll up

    16-Jan-20         Thu     Ladies Winter League - 2

    19-Jan-20         Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    23-Jan-20         Thu     Ladies Winter League - 3

    26-Jan-20         Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    28-Jan-20         Tue     Lady Captains Roll up

    30-Jan-20         Thu     Ladies Winter League - 4

    02-Feb-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    06-Feb-20        Thu     Ladies Winter League - 5

    09-Feb-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    11-Feb-20        Tue     Lady Captain's Roll up

    13-Feb-20        Thu     Ladies Winter League - 6

    16-Feb-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    20-Feb-20        Thu     Ladies Winter League - 7

    23-Feb-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    25-Feb-20        Tue     Lady Captain's Roll up

    27-Feb-20        Thu     Ladies Winter League - 8

    01-Mar-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    05-Mar-20        Thu     Ladies Winter League 9

    08-Mar-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    10-Mar-20        Tue     Lady Captains Roll up

    12-Mar-20        Thu     Ladies Winter League 10

    15-Mar-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    19-Mar-20        Thu     Ladies Team of 4 (20/20) & 9 hole comp

    22-Mar-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    26-Mar-20        Thu     Ladies Individual Stableford & 9 hole comp

    29-Mar-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    02-Apr-20         Thu     Ladies Opening of Season. CBQ9 Rose Bowl & 9 hole

    05-Apr-20         Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    09-Apr-20         Thu     Ladies Easter Stableford & 9 hole comp

    12-Apr-20         Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    16-Apr-20         Thu     Ladies Coronation Foursomes & 9 hole comp

    19-Apr-20         Sun     Ladies GMQ3 EGU1

    23-Apr-20         Thu     Ladies GMQ3 EGU2 St.George's Day & 9 hole comp

    26-Apr-20         Sun     Ladies CBQ10  

    30-Apr-20         Thu     Ladies CBQ10 & 9 hole comp

    01-May-20         Fri     Ladies Charity Match v Bramall Park

    03-May-20        Sun    Ladies GMQ4 EGU3

    07-May-20        Thu     Ladies GMQ4 EGU4 VE Day comp & 9 hole comp

    12-May-20        Tue     Ladies Exchange to Birchwood

    13-May-20        Wed    Ladies Open

    14-May-20        Thu     Birchwood Ladies at Bramhall

    17-May-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    19-May-20        Tue     Ladies 9 hole comp

    21-May-20        Thu     Ladies Challenge Bowl Final & Greensomes (Ladies Supper)

    24-May-20        Sun     Ladies CBQ1  

    28-May-20        Thu     Ladies CBQ1 England Golf Trust Stableford & 9 hole comp

    31-May-20        Sun     Ladies GMQ5 EGU5

    04-Jun-20         Thu     Ladies GMQ5 EGU6 Silver Jubilee & 9 hole comp

    05-Jun-20         Fri       Snake Competition

    11-Jun-20         Thu     Professionals Day for Ladies CBQ2

    14-Jun-20         Sun     Ladies GMQ6 EGU7

    18-Jun-20         Thu     Lady Captain's Day GMQ6 EGU8 & 9 hole comp

    21-Jun-20         Sun     Ladies CBQ3

    25-Jun-20         Thu     Ladies CBQ3 Bronte Law Trophy 1 & 9 hole comp

    28-Jun-20         Sun     Ladies GMQ7 EGU9

    02-Jul-20          Thu     Ladies GMQ7 EGU10 Bronte Law Trophy 2 & 9 hole comp

    05-Jul-20          Sun     Ladies CBQ4

    07-Jul-20          Tue     Ladies Invitation Day - Shot Gun

    09-Jul-20          Thu     Ladies CBQ4 Bunty Booth & 9 hole comp

    12-Jul-20          Sun     Ladies GMQ8 EGU11

    14-Jul-20          Tue     Past Lady Captain's Day

    16-Jul-20          Thu     Captain's Day for Ladies GMQ8 EGU12 & 9 hole comp

    19-Jul-20          Sun     Ladies CBQ5

    23-Jul-20          Thu     Ladies CBQ5 Foundation Brooch & 9 hole comp

    30-Jul-20          Thu     Ladies Centenary & Senior Ladies Bowl GMQ9 EGU14 & 9 hole

    05-Aug-20        Wed    Ladies Exchange To Eaton

    06-Aug-20        Thu     Ladies Exchange from Eaton

    09-Aug-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    13-Aug-20        Thu     Ladies Russian Roulette (Pairs) & 9 hole comp

    16-Aug-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    20-Aug-20        Thu     Lady Captain's Charity Day

    23-Aug-20        Sun     Ladies GMQ10 EGU15

    24-Aug-20        Mon    Over 50's Men v Ladies

    27-Aug-20        Thu     Ladies GMQ10 EGU16 Diamond Jubilee & 9 hole comp

    30-Aug-20        Sun     Ladies CBQ6

    03-Sep-20        Thu     Presidents Day for Ladies CBQ6 & 9 hole comp

    10-Sep-20        Thu     Ladies CBQ7 & 9 hole comp

    13-Sep-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    15-Sep-20        Tue     Ladies 9 hole comp

    17-Sep-20        Thu     Ladies Gold Medal Final & Greensomes

    20-Sep-20        Sun     Ladies GMQ1 EGU17

    20-Sep-20        Sun     Captains Am-Am

    24-Sep-20        Thu     Ladies GMQ1 EGU18

    27-Sep-20        Sun     Ladies GMQ2 EUG19

    29-Sep-20        Tue     Ladies exchange with Bramall Park

    01-Oct-20         Thu     Ladies GMQ2 EGU20 & 9 hole comp

    04-Oct-20         Sun     Ladies CBQ8

    05-Oct-20         Mon    Ladies Autumn Open

    08-Oct-20         Thu     Ladies CBQ8 & 9 hole comp

    11-Oct-20         Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    15-Oct-20         Thu     Ladies Individual Stableford & 9 hole comp

    18-Oct-20         Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    22-Oct-20         Thu     Ladies Individual Stableford & 9 hole comp

    25-Oct-20         Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    29-Oct-20         Thu     Ladies Close Season

    01-Nov-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Medford

    05-Nov-20        Thu     Ladies Individual Medford Bonfire Night & 9 hole comp

    08-Nov-20        Sun     Ladies Indivdual Stableford

    12-Nov-20        Thu     Ladies Vegas Scramble (Team of 4) & 9 hole comp

    15-Nov-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    19-Nov-20        Thu     Ladies Bottle comp & 9 hole comp

    22-Nov-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    26-Nov-20        Thu     Ladies Turkey Trot & 9 hole comp

    29-Nov-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    03-Dec-20        Thu     Ladies Yellow Ball (Team of 3) 9.30 Shot Gun

    06-Dec-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    10-Dec-20        Thu     Ladies Waltzing Stableford (Team of 3). 9.30 Shot Gun

    13-Dec-20        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    17-Dec-20        Thu     Ladies Christmas Comp (Team of 3) 9.30 Shot Gun

    03-Jan-21         Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    07-Jan-21         Thu     Ladies Winter League 1

    10-Jan-21         Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    12-Jan-21         Tue     Lady Captain's Roll up

    14-Jan-21         Thu     Ladies Winter League 2

    17-Jan-21         Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    21-Jan-21         Thu     Ladies Winter League 3

    24-Jan-21         Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    26-Jan-21         Tue     Lady Captain's Roll up

    28-Jan-21         Thu     Ladies Winter League 4

    31-Jan-21        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    04-Feb-21        Thu     Ladies Winter League 5

    07-Feb-21        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    09-Feb-21        Tue     Lady Captain's Roll up

    11-Feb-21        Thu     Ladies Winter League 6

    14-Feb-21        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    18-Feb-21        Thu     Ladies Winter League 7

    21-Feb-21        Sun     Ladies Individual Stableford

    23-Feb-21        Tue     Lady Captain's Roll up

    From January till the end of March there will be a Roll-up each Thursday
    The ladies playing on Saturday/Sunday will play a Stableford for the Winter Eclectic

  • Bramhall Golf Club Mixed Fixtures

    Mixed Fixtures 2020 Revised

    Mixed Fixtures 2020 DOWNLOAD PDF of Revised Fixtures 2020

    Mixed C19 Fixtures

    Mixed Golf Programme 2020 DOWNLOAD PDF of FIXTURES 2020

    13-Apr-20     Mon      Easter Bank Holiday Mixed competition

    24-Apr-20     Fri         9, Wine & Dine

    08-May-20    Fri         May Bank Holiday Mixed

    18-May-20    Mon      Running Mixed Foursomes 1

    22-May-20    Fri         9, Wine & Dine

    25-May-20    Mon      Spring Bank Holiday Mixed Competition

    08-Jun-20     Mon      18 hole Mixed Greensomes

    15-Jun-20     Mon      Running Mixed Foursomes 2

    21-Jun-20     Sun       Vale Royal Mixed Match

    26-Jun-20     Fri         9, Wine & Dine

    06-Jul-20      Mon      Running Mixed Foursomes 3

    19-Jul-20      Sun       Mixed Invitation

    20-Jul-20      Mon      18 hole Mixed Waltzing Stableford

    31-Jul-20      Fri         9, Wine & Dine

    03-Aug-20     Mon      Running Mixed Foursomes 4

    09-Aug-20     Sun       Mixed Open

    10-Aug-20     Mon      Mixed - President v Captain

    14-Aug-20     Fri         9, Wine & Dine

    25-Aug-20     Tue      Over 50's Men v Ladies (losers buy tea)

    28-Aug-20     Fri         9, Wine & Dine

    31-Aug-20     Mon      August Bank Holiday Mixed

    07-Sep-20     Mon      18 hole Mixed American Greensomes

    01-Nov-20     Sun       9 hole Mixed Halloween competition

  • Bramhall Golf Club Junior Fixtures

    Junior Fixtures 2020 - These are to be rearranged

    Junior Fixtures DOWNLOAD PDF of FIXTURES 2020

    12-Jan-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    19-Jan-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    26-Jan-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    02-Feb-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    16-Feb-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    23-Feb-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    01-Mar-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    08-Mar-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll up

    15-Mar-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    22-Mar-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    29-Mar-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    05-Apr-20      Sun                     Junior Opening of Season

    12-Apr-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    19-Apr-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    26-Apr-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    03-May-20     Sun                     Junior / Adult competition

    17-May-20     Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    24-May-20     Sun                     Junior Centurion Trophy

    26-May-20     Tue                     Junior Claret Jug - 36 holes

    31-May-20     Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll up

    14-Jun-20      Sun                     Mr President's Day for Juniors

    21-Jun-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll up

    28-Jun-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    05-Jul-20       Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll up

    12-Jul-20       Sun                     Mid Cheshire Junior Leage

    19-Jul-20       Sun                     Mr Captain's Day for Juniors

    02-Aug-20     Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll up

    04-Aug-20     Tue                     Juniors - Jack Kirwan Trophy - 36 holes

    16-Aug-20     Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    23-Aug-20     Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll up

    30-Aug-20     Sun                     Junior Open

    06-Sep-20     Sat                      Junior/Academy Roll Up

    13-Sep-20     Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    04-Oct-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    11-Oct-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    18-Oct-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    25-Oct-20      Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    01-Nov-20     Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    08-Nov-20     Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    15-Nov-20     Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    22-Nov-20     Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    29-Nov-20     Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    06-Dec-20     Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    13-Dec-20     Sun                     Junior/Academy Roll Up

    All medals and stablefords are individual competitions. In addition, prizes will be awarded for the best scores in the season. Entry Fee £1.50 - sign in for competitions in the Pro Shop. On Sundays, cards must be taken out between 11.30am and 12.30pm, although special permission may be given if playing other sports. Handicaps of 28 and under will play from the white tees of the day. Handicaps of 29 + will play from the yellow tees of the day. Girls will play off the red tees of the day, with special tees for high handicap girls. Please watch the Junior Notice Boards for tuition and club events. Any alterations to the above competitions will be advised by email.

  • Bramhall Golf Club Mens Team Fixtures

    Men's Team Fixtures 2020 - These are to be rearranged

    FRIENDLIES 2020 All matches meet 3:30pm

    22 Apr 20        Wed              Men's Team Match v Wilmslow (Away)

    05 May 20      Tue               Men's Team Match v Hazel Grove (Home)

    19 May 20      Tue               Men's Team Match v Stockport (Away)

    02 Jun 20       Tue               Men's Team Match v Bramall Park (Away)

    16 Jun 20       Tue               Men's Team Match v Stockport (Home)

    23 Jun 20       Tue               Men's Team Match v Hazel Grove (Away)

    30 Jun 20       Tue               Men's Team Match v Romiley (Home)

    14 Jul 20         Tue               Men's Team Match v Ringway (Home)

    28 Jul 20         Tue               Men's Team Match v Bramall Park (Home)

    11 Aug 20       Tue               Men's Team Match v Romiley (Away)

    18 Aug 20       Tue               Men's Team Match v Reddish Vale (Home)

    26 Aug 20       Wed              Men's Team Match v Ringway (Away)



    03 Apr 20        Fri                  Men's Seniors Match v Northenden (Home)

    17 Apr 20        Fri                  Men's Seniors Match v Romiley (Away)

    01 May 20      Fri                  Men's Seniors Match v Prestbury (Home)

    11 May 20      Mon               Men's Seniors Match v Northenden (Away)

    15 May 20      Fri                  Men's Seniors Match v Mere (Home)

    05 Jun 20       Fri                  Men's Seniors Match v Prestbury (Away)

    19 Jun 20       Fri                  Men's Seniors Match v Romiley (Home)

    08 Jul 20         Wed              Men's Seniors Match v Mere (Away)

    17 Jul 20         Fri                  Men's Seniors Match v Wilmslow (Home)

    31 Jul 20         Fri                  Men's Seniors Match v Stockport (Home)

    05 Aug 20       Wed              Men's Seniors Match v Bramall Park (Away)

    14 Aug 20       Fri                  Men's Seniors Match v Stockport (Away)

    04 Sep 20       Fri                  Men's Seniors Match v Bramall Park (Home)

    18 Sep 20       Fri                  Men's Seniors Match v Wilmslow (Away)



    28 Apr 20        Tue               ECSL Match v Disley (Home)

    05 May 20      Tue               ECSL Match v Ringway (Away)

    18 May 20      Mon               ECSL Match v Dunham Forest (Away)

    26 May 20      Tue               ECSL Match v Hazel Grove (Home)

    01 Jun 20       Mon               ECSL Match v Davenport (Away)

    23 Jun 20       Tue               ECSL Match v Dunham Forest (Home)

    29 Jun 20       Mon               ECSL Match v Hazel Grove (Away)

    21 Jul 20         Tue               ECSL Match v Davenport (Home)

    27 Jul 20         Mon               ECSL Match v Disley (Away)

    04 Aug 20       Tue               ECSL Match v Ringway (Home)



    05 May 20      Tue               ECSSL Match v Bramall Park (Home)

    19 May 20      Tue               ECSSL Match v Wilmslow (Home)

    16 Jun 20       Tue               ECSSL Match v Ringway (Away)

    07 Jul 20         Tue               ECSSL Match v Sandiway (Away)

    20 Jul 20         Mon             ECSSL Match  v Stockport (Away)

    28 Jul 20         Tue               ECSSL Match v Prestbury (Home)



  • Bramhall Golf Club Ladies Team Fixtures

    Ladies Team Fixtures 2020 - These are to be rearranged

    A TEAM                                 

    20 Apr 20        Mon               Ladies Match v Bramall Park (A Team) (Home)

    11 May 20      Mon               Ladies Match v Bramall Park (A Team) (Away)

    01 Jun 20       Mon               Ladies Match v Tytherington (A Team) (Home)

    15 Jun 20       Mon               Ladies Match v Tytherington (A Team) (Away)

    06 Jul 20         Mon               Ladies Match v Ringway (A Team) (Away)

    27 Jul 20         Mon               Ladies Match v Ringway (A Team) (Home)


    B TEAM                                 

    06 Apr 20        Mon               Ladies Match v Bramall Park (B Team) (Home)

    27 Apr 20        Mon               Ladies Match v Bramall Park (B Team) (Away)

    18 May 20      Mon               Ladies Match v Disley (B Team) (Home)

    08 Jun 20       Mon               Ladies Match v Disley (B Team) (Away)

    29 Jun 20       Mon               Ladies Match v Dunham Forest (B Team) (Away)

    20 Jul 20         Mon               Ladies Match v Dunham Forest (B Team) (Home)


    PLATE TEAM                                                                     

    20 Apr 20        Mon               Ladies Match v Marple (Plate Team) (Home)

    11 May 20      Mon               Ladies Match v Marple (Plate Team) (Away)

    01 Jun 20       Mon               Ladies Match v Withington (Plate Team) (Home)

    22 Jun 20       Mon               Ladies Match v Withington (Plate Team) (Away)

    13 Jul 20         Mon               Ladies Match v Birchwood (Plate Team) (Away)

    03 Aug 20       Mon               Ladies Match v Birchwood (Plate Team) (Home)



    27 Apr 20        Mon               Ladies Match v Tytherington (Friendly) (Home

    04 May 20      Mon               Ladies Match v Hazel Grove (Friendly) (Away)

    18 May 20      Mon               Ladies Match v Davenport (Friendly) (Home)

    08 Jun 20       Mon               Ladies Match v Bramall Park (Friendly) (Home)

    15 Jun 20       Mon               Ladies Match v Marple (Friendly) (Away)

    06 Jul 20         Mon               Ladies Match v Chapel-en-le-Frith (Friendly) (Home)

    24 Jul 20         Fri                  Ladies Match v Heaton Moor (Friendly) (Away)

  • Bramhall Golf Club Social Dates

    General Social Dates 2020 - These are to be rearranged


    13 Mar 20      Fri                   Past President's & Past Captain's Dinner

    22 Mar 20      Sun                Mother's Day Lunch

    27 Mar 20      Fri                   Club Lottery

    02 Apr 20       Thu                 Ladies Opening of Season Dinner

    04 Apr 20       Sat                 Men's Opening of Season Dinner

    24 Apr 20       Fri                   Club Lottery

    01 May 20      Fri                   Karaoke Night

    22 May 20      Fri                   Club Lottery

    24 May 20      Sun                Sunday Lunch

    30 May 20      Sat                 Captain's Party

    13 Jun 20       Sat                 Beer Fest

    14 Jun 20       Sun                Beer, Gin & Golf experience - Family Fun Day

    26 Jun 20       Fri                   Club Lottery

    25 Jul 20        Sat                 President's Dinner

    31 Jul 20        Fri                   Club Lottery

    16 Aug 20      Sun                Sunday Lunch

    28 Aug 20      Fri                   Club Lottery

    25 Sep 20      Fri                   Club Lottery

    04 Oct 20       Sun                Sunday Lunch

    09 Oct 20       Fri                   Band Night

    30 Oct 20       Fri                   Club Lottery

    06 Nov 20      Fri                   Quiz Night

    13 Nov 20      Fri                   Comedy Night

    27 Nov 20      Fri                   Club Lottery

    04 Dec 20      Fri                   Christmas Dinner Dance

    06 Dec 20      Sun                Children's Christmas Lunch

    13 Dec 20      Sun                Adult's Christmas Lunch

    18 Dec 20      Fri                   Seniors Christmas Lunch

    31 Dec 20      Thu                 New Years Eve Party

    08 Jan 21       Fri                   Club Lottery, Quiz and Prize Draw night

    29 Jan 21      Fri                   Club Lottery

    26 Feb 21      Fri                   Club Lottery



    03 Nov 20      Tue                 Ladies Invitation Bridge

    01 Dec 20      Tue                 Lady Members Bridge

    19 Jan 21       Tue                 Lady Members Bridge

    16 Feb 21      Tue                 Ladies Invitation Bridge


    The sign-up sheets will be made available in the clubhouse on the notice boards 4 weeks prior to the events. Please note the lottery draw is subject to change dependent on club activities.